Hospital Bed
Hospital Bed is specially designed for hospitalized patients or others in need of some form of health care. This bed allows users to alter and adjust the bed to better position their head and feet. This bed is easy to install as well as simple to operate.
OT Table
OT Table is applauded by our customers due to its features like high strength and long service life. Offered product makes adjustment of head and legs of patient easy. This table is very stable and versatile and their ergonomic design ensures both surgeon's and patient's comfort.
Hospital Bedside Locker

A Hospital Bedside Locker provides more than just storage; it also boosts productivity, provides crucial assistance, and gives the hospital a polished appearance. This typically includes one, two, or three cabinets with a lock and is made of wood or metal.

Autoclave is front loading in design, big in size and designed in cylindrical or rectangular shapes. This is to provide high-pressure, high-temperature steam to sterilize medical waste and prepare it for disposal. The high pressure increases the boiling point of water and thus helps achieve a higher temperature for sterilization.
Hospital Trolley

Hospital Trolley has a variety of uses in OTs and ICUs. In hospitals, doctors carry out various surgical procedures as well as other healthcare-related jobs that call for a number of devices, including this.



Hospital Table

Hospital Table is designed and manufactured by making use of premium-grade raw materials and the latest technology. In addition to assisting surgeons during difficult surgeries, this also ensures the patient's comfort and safety while they are a patient at the hospital.

Suction Machine

Because Suction Machine is often small and portable and doesnt require energy, it is frequently used in emergency situations. This machine is outfitted with strong batteries that are either disposable or rechargeable. It is specifically made to absorb viscous liquids like blood and sputum.

Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves are widely used in hospitals to protect the hands of doctors while treating patients. Due to the fact that the majority of medical personnel use scalpels, surgical instruments, and needles, the gloves must also have a strong resistance to punctures.




Commode Chair

A commode chair can be used as a bedside toilet, a toilet safety frame that can be placed on a regular toilet for balance and leverage, and a shower chair for safe bathing. This chair requires very low maintenance and replacement costs.

Patient Wheel Chair

Patient Wheel Chair has a base of support on which the user sits and is not foldable. This is frequently used by people who have trouble standing up and walking. This can still be fairly pricey.


Hospital Revolving Stool

Hospital Revolving Stool is available from us in both normal and unique sizes. We create them using modern machinery and stainless steel of the highest grade. This stool is very easy to install as well as simple to use.

Hospital LED OT Light

Hospital LED OT light is in high demand. This makes it easier for surgeons to discriminate between tissue colours and arterial or venous blood. This light is very effective and great to handle.

Dialysis Chair

A dialysis Chair can be used to restrain patients if necessary. This chair is in a variety of styles are available here at affordable costs. For optimal safety and comfort, the new chair is electrically adjustable.


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